Crafting visions for success: Journey with Kaolin Tiles

Kaolin Tiles aims to source top talent to turn their company vision into reality – to introduce high-quality, sustainable porcelain tiles to the Australian market. 

The Brief

Client: Kaolin Tiles
Industry: Porcelain Tiles

Facing a unique challenge as a young and ambitious brand in Australia, Kaolin Tiles was eager to establish a robust local team that not only possessed the required skills but, more importantly, resonated with their core values and vision. They turned to Specify Consulting to find these stand out candidates who could embrace and align with their mission.

Our Solution

Specify Consulting, represented by Co-founder and Director Chris Gath, stepped in to identify and recruit exceptional professionals. Our objectives included swiftly filling key positions, understanding Kaolin Tiles’ unique culture and vision, and finding candidates who align with this vision. With a focus on the architecture and design industry, we sourced high-caliber individuals and delivered them to Kaolin Tiles.

The Results

  • A rapid 45-day recruitment process that met the immediate needs of Kaolin Tiles.
  • A long-term partnership that has thrived for over five years, reflecting a trusted and ongoing collaboration.
  • A deep understanding of Kaolin Tiles’ values, challenges, and their vision, leading to a consistent delivery of top talent that has significantly contributed to their growth.

“In using Specify, they go beyond their job description. So understanding us, our business and in understanding the challenges but also being able to be credible and persuasive. Specify generally believes that this can be a great opportunity for candidates and the result is great. It’s been a very great experience.” – Anton Bourtsev, Director of Kaolin Tiles

Ready to embark on your journey of growth and innovation? Let Specify Consulting help you find top talents. Contact us today and experience the same success that Kaolin Tiles achieved.

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