5 Benefits of Working with a Recruitment Specialist in the Building and Design Industry

Partnering with a recruitment specialist that you can trust and have a great relationship with can make a significant difference to your career. Whether it’s career advice or guidance at any point of your career, your recruitment specialist are a great sounding board. You can turn to them when it comes to salary negotiations, redundancies or when your employment contract is ending. If you have a passion for Building and Design and wish to climb up the career ladder then your recruitment specialist can help you succeed.

Following are five benefits as to why you should work with a recruitment specialist;

1. In-depth Market Knowledge

On a daily basis, recruitment specialists are speaking with clients and candidates in the Building and Design field. The recruitment specialist will have insights as to what is trending in Building and Design and what type of roles are opening up in the market. They will know which companies are expanding and plan to employ more staff for their new offices.

2. Exclusive Access to New Roles

Recruitment specialists work closely with a wide range of companies within the Building and Design industry. This means they are the first to know about new job opportunities before anyone else. You’ll get early access to new job openings and an opportunity to be interviewed before the general public. It may even not end up being advertised on the market if you are successful in securing the role!

3. Salary Benchmarking

Salaries in every industry including Building and Design can change due to various factors including supply, demand, logistics, government policies and the state of the economy. Recruitment specialists work with companies day in and day out so know what the latest salary benchmarks are for different roles within the Building and Design sector. They will know whether you are being adequately compensated for the work that you do and what a reasonable range is for your position and skillset.

4. Negotiating your Salary

One of the most difficult things to talk about is money. Salary negotiations can be tricky however most recruitment specialists are experienced with navigating this type of conversation. They can speak to employers in a way that resonates with them so you receive a competitive salary. They can determine what you are worth in the market and advocate for you during negotiations so you achieve your desired salary.

5. Help You Succeed at the Job Interview

A recruitment specialist will ensure you are well prepared for a job interview so you succeed at a job interview. They will provide you with detailed information about the role, insights about the company, the team that you will be working in and undertake a thorough briefing with you before the interview. A recruitment specialist will guide you and encourage you so you are ultimately successful at securing a role.

There are many benefits of working with a recruitment specialist in the Building and Design industry. They have deep knowledge of the industry and the job market, have exclusive access to upcoming roles, are aware of the salaries to benchmark against, can negotiate your salary on your behalf and can help prepare you for your job interview.

Specify Consulting are recruitment specialists in the Building and Design Industry who care about our clients, candidates and the industry that we work in. Our team are committed to providing exceptional service so each client and candidate is given the attention and support required to find the perfect talent or role for you.

Get in touch with us today and let’s work together to find your dream role in the Building and Design industry.

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