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We believe that all of our candidates should be given their rightful moment to shine, because everyone deserves to love their career.
We don’t place every candidate we get to interview, but we believe that every candidate is better positioned to succeed having gone through our rigorous process.

Why work with Specify?

Having spent close to two decades placing professionals within the Decorative Building Products and Design space, we have a thorough understanding of the landscape in which we specialise in and love.
We have established long-standing relationships with key decision makers in the industry, this allows us exclusive access to brand new career opportunities within the market.
All of our team are experienced and well-versed in coaching industry professionals on the art of nailing an interview. We leave nothing to chance and never overlook the importance of fully preparing our candidates for every interview.
Negotiating your salary is not an easy task at the best of times and one that is best left to the experts. As your trusted intermediary we can make this crucial part of the process pain-free and deliver an outcome that works for all parties.
We recognise that trying to secure a new role can be hard work and stressful at times. Thats why we support our candidates throughout all stages of the recruitment life cycle. With our “door always open” policy, we are here to answer your questions or just for reassurance purposes, whatever the time of day.
Let’s work together and achieve your career goals. Contact us today to get started.

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“Highly recommended, these guys are like no other consulting firm and really go through the process with you every step of the way. They were so helpful and really took the time to help me and prep me for the interview. They also followed up after the interview and took the time to wish me good luck on my first day. I was really impressed and happy with my experience. Thanks to Ash, Adam & Chris.”

John Caputo

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